Are Save The Dates necessary

What are Save the Date Cards?

A Save the Date is a brief information card that’s usually sent to alert guests that they are going to be invited to your wedding in the coming months, along with sharing basic date and location information, so that they can save the date in their calendars.

Usually couples send out Save the Dates a year before their wedding date once they have decided on a wedding venue and ceremony date. But they’re not a requirement, and for some couples, they might not even be necessary.

Save The Date Card

Here are Some Reasons for Deciding to Send Save the Date Cards…

You Give Your Guests a Heads Up

Calendars can fill up fast. One of the benefits of sending Save the Dates is that they alert guests of your official wedding date and location, which is ultra helpful when travel is involved. If your wedding is on a bank holiday weekend or during holiday time, these dates can get busy with people booking holidays etc, so if your guests know to keep it free, they will be more likely to be able to attend your wedding.

They Can Say “No” to Other Commitments

Having your wedding day marked on your guests calendars will give your nearest and dearest a chance to make plans around your wedding weekend and ensure they don’t accidentally double-book. Plenty of personal and professional events and travel plans are confirmed months in advance—including work trips and conferences and annual family holidays.

They’ll Know for Sure That They Are Invited

You may assume your friends and family know for certain that they’re going to be invited to your nuptials, but just because they’re close to you doesn’t mean that they’re automatically expecting to receive an invitation. Wedding guest lists are tricky things and it can sometimes feel like a bit of a guessing game; a save-the-date confirms for your many circles of friends and immediate and extended family that they are indeed on the guest list and can start planning accordingly.


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Who Should We Send Them to and When Should I Send Them?

It’s normal wedding etiquette to send save the dates to the friends and family that you’ll be sending your invitations to. Please make sure to only send them to ‘day’ guests and not guests who are only invited to the evening. As for when to send them… we’d recommend sending them around a year in advance.

What to Put on Your Save the Date Cards?

The date is the most important thing and be sure to include the year. If you know where your wedding is going to be held, you could also add the name of the venue and town but it may be best not to add the time at this stage, just in case this changes.

Also don’t forget to add ‘formal invitation to follow’ as some guests may think it is a wedding invitation – you can never make things too clear! If your wedding is oversees don’t forget to add travel information so your family and friends can do their research.

And Finally… Remember…

You only need to send one Save the Date card per couple or household; you don’t need to send one per person. You get used to budgeting one of everything per guest, you sometimes forget that you don’t need one of these per guest!


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