Pocketfold Invitations are perfect for couples that want to include an RSVP within their invitation as they have a small pocket on the inside of the invitation where the RSVP can sit neatly inside along with a very helpful guest information card (and maybe extra cards if you choose to add additional information).

All pocketfold invitations include:
– Pocketfold Outer
– Invitation Page
– Guest Information Card
– Reply Card
– Return Envelope Pre-printed with the Return Address

You can choose to add additional guest information cards if these are required although you can fit quite a lot of information on one guest information card. A sample is shown further down the page.

Some couples choose to send a pocketfold invitation to day guests and a card style invitation (a folding card without the pocket on the inside) to evening guests. These can be in the same design as the pocketfold so everything can match.

The outside of the invitation can be in many designs… some of our most popular designs are shown here:

Venue Pocketfold Wedding Invitation (with tied ribbon)


Butterfly Garden Pocketfold Design

Ribbon Heart Lace Pocketfold Wedding Invitation


Elegance Glitter Pocketfold Wedding Invitation

Kraft Card and Lace Pocketfold Wedding Invitation


It may be easier to see the inside of a sample design so that you can see exactly what information is included on the different pages. The pages that are included in a pocketfold invitation are as follows:

Invitation Page

Guest Information Card

Reply Card

Reply Envelope


A pocketfold invitation is also a great option if you have individual menu choices for each of your guests as the Guest Information Card can include the full menu and the RSVP can have a check box for each guest to complete their menu choices. In this instance the inside pages would look like this…

Guest Information Page Including Menu

Reply Card Including Guest Menu Choices

Hopefully you now have a better idea on what a pocketfold wedding invitation consists of. If you would like to order any invitations or a sample to see an invitation for real then please visit our shop on on our website:


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  1. A beautiful and organised way to give information about the day to all of the guests, and an easy way to have your reply needs all in one place. Ideal .

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