Many couples that we have worked with have chosen to name their tables at their wedding breakfast rather than number them. It adds a personal touch to your day and your guests might prefer being on table name ‘Example’ rather than on one of your last table numbers for example.

We have put together a list of some of the most popular table names along with some unusual ones to help you with ideas as we are often asked about them. If you have a different idea in mind, do get in touch with us as we will be able to help you create your ideas into reality.

By far the most popular idea for table names is to have countries that the couple have traveled to together. We have a map themed table plan and countries table names that match this theme…





Another popular choice is naming your table names after hotels in your honeymoon destination especially Las Vegas as shown here on our Las Vegas Table Plan



A popular idea is naming tables after places you like to visit such as popular walks or pubs etc


How about naming your tables after your favourite show… Game of Thrones is a popular choice…



Maybe after your favourite Champagnes? (Or other drinks… Gin is very popular lately)



One of the more unusual ideas that we have seen is naming your tables after ‘Love’ in different languages…


Another option would be different flowers… especially if you are having a summer wedding…


There are many other options that we have worked on such as:

  • Famous Couples
  • Sports Teams or Players
  • Special Dates or Years
  • Castles or Fairytale Names
  • Lake District ‘waters’
  • Films
  • Song Lyrics or Titles
  • Christmas

Do you have something different that you would like to do? If so, get in touch with us and we will see what we can create for you to match your wedding theme.

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