1. Remember that you don’t have to order one invitation for every person on your guest list. Many of the people you invite will be couples, so count out exactly how many you need. Having said that, make sure you order extra invitations so that you can send a second wave of invitations after receiving regrets from other guests.
  2. Don’t send save the dates to guests only invited to the evening reception.
  3. Have another pair of eyes read your invitation proof to check for any mistakes.
  4. Bulky invitations cost more to post so make sure you include sufficient postage on your invitations.
  5. Include an RSVP date on your invitations.

1 Comment on The 5 Most Common Wedding Stationery Mistakes

  1. Great advice – it is so easy to make mistakes when you are caught up in the excitement of planning your wedding. Just take a deep breath and check everything before ordering etc to save any stress later.

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